My name is Scott Hargroves. I create things out of pixels, mainly for the web, but sometimes just for kicks. Like when I built a Multitouch table in my spare time. I do other stuff too, like making short films, taking photos and sometimes sending the odd tweet.

Pigeon Holes

Hang time

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Bright eyes, empty boxes & tree lined streets.

30 Aug

Some images from recent times. Our new house is finally get back to normal, 95% of all boxes are now unpacked.

iPhone Compliant

24 Aug

Any iPhone/iPod Touch users can now view my site in an easy to read, fast to load iPhone version. Go and look on your said device. Anyone else can ignore this.

The best type of road

21 Aug

If I had to choose. This would be the road I had to drive down.

Ikea date night

15 Aug


The last couple Thursdays have been spent at Ikea. I feel a traditional date night coming on.

Venture Out

13 Aug

I made this little action package montage back in my college days. Filmed in 3 countries (England, Scotland & Wales) over two weeks.

This is what my weekends used to be spent doing. Working 12 hour days flying off rock formations into white water. Having been out of the scene for a while I think I have lost some of the fearlessness I used to have while doing this.

Sorry about the poor quality of the video but my college wouldn’t lend me the decent equipment to do this project (too much risk apparently).

Bed sheets and Safety pins

11 Aug

Subliminal Street Comedy

11 Aug

We Often don’t even realise that something we see every day has been screaming an alternative message every time we read it.

This guys peanut head really bugs me!

08 Aug


07 Aug

There is almost nothing I love more than sitting back and being totally blown away by a film. Even more so when the film is a real life account of something incredible.

Through the power of the internet two documentaries have come to my attention recently that I have to watch. They both look amazing but I am growing impatient and need to watch them.

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Today we moved

01 Aug

Just lying here in my new bed, which is in my new bedroom which is in my new house, which is on a new street. Golly, everything around me right now is new. For a little while at least, as we are slowly introducing all our old (and trusted) belongings back into our new home. One thing hasn’t changed though, and that is me. Images to follow at some point.

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