My name is Scott Hargroves. I create things out of pixels, mainly for the web, but sometimes just for kicks. Like when I built a Multitouch table in my spare time. I do other stuff too, like making short films, taking photos and sometimes sending the odd tweet.

Pigeon Holes

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Stuff like this happens everywhere.

24 Oct

Just throwing these out there. Recent and not so recent. Images set free from the confines of solid state memory.

The Lucky Rainbow Club Thrash at Trash

12 Oct

The Lucky Rainbow Club

So last night I ended up in Leeds watching Jack ‘the love muscle’ Chapman and his guitar shredding co-worker Martin McGurty tear down Trash.

Admittedly I know Jack well and have praised The Lucky Rainbow Club before on here, but I truly think that they need to be heard by everyone that appreciates something original and exciting. Up until last night I had only heard them on record and only being there forth live outing as a duo you could have been excused in thinking that they might not be that tight as of yet. You would be wrong though. They sound bigger and better than their amazing recordings have been able to do justice thus far.

The Lucky Rainbow Club have a small loyal fan base that can’t do anything but loose themselves in the hardcore, hypnotic and euphoric electronic beats that pound through the room filling everyone with the ability to cut shapes like its 1993.

They are currently working on recording another couple of tracks and playing shows around the north of England. If you see there name remember I told you to not think twice. You need to feel what they are offering. Honest larr.

To Heather…

11 Oct

Working with ReacTivision is a whole load of fun.

01 Oct

As mentioned yesterday I start my Final Project for Uni and managed to get the Fiducial Markers to be seen and recognised by the camera. Just thought I would log my progress with this on here as a point of reference and to be able to see the progress points.

So as of yesterday I have managed to give certain Fiducials different settings and when they are detected it shows these on the screen. Still a little bit sketchy on the API for this and it shows as progress is basic and pretty slow.

I really want to be able to incorporate so multitouchy goodness to this but can’t until I make the physical table where the camera lies underneath.

For those that don’t know, ReacTivision is an open source framework that can detect a predetermined set of markers. These are called Fiducials and whats used by ReacTivision to track movement on a camera. This data can then be passed into Flash and worked on from there.

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