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So climbing to the top of England is actually great.

19 Jul

Wow. Where have I been for so long. Well up until now I haven’t felt inspired enough to drop any updates on here but now I have enough to tell and can make it worth your while.

So yesterday I climbed to the top of England’s Highest Mountain, Scafell Pike. I did this with Brad and Kris who were great mountain buddies. Basically set off at 4.00am from Hull and took a steady paced drive to the scenic Lake District. The mountain itself is really out in the middle of nowhere and the drive up to its shadow is somewhat spectacular.

Outstanding Natural Beauty

This is a photo of ‘The Lake’, yes thats its real name. I don’t care for what its name is when it sets the scene as good as this. All before we even set off up the mountain.

When we actually pulled up to the base camp we soon realised that everyone else there was taking things extremely serious, with all the latest climbing gear and hiking boots. We must have looked a little odd to them as the strange looks we got confirmed. This did not put us off though pushed on as planned. I will admit that wearing converse to climb a mountain is not advisable.

Not at all appropriate

The walk up is tough as parts are very steep but the reward of doing far outweighs all of that.

Half way up you get the to choose which route to take. The longer easy route, or the Shorter hard route. Myself and Brad decided that the tough route looked more scenic and out voted Kris. While struggling on the most vertical part of the climb we were engulfed in clouds which bought some crazy wind with them. Got a little hairy but was all in the spirit.

We reached the clouds

We got a little lost as well at some point and Kris decided to declare that we were at the summit. Possibly of panic but having seen images of the summit on Wikipedia (geeks) me and Brad knew that this was not it. Lucky we found some more people who taught us the follow the Cairns, which are little man made piles of rocks that guide you to the top of the mountain. The knowledge came late in the day but was valuable in us reaching the top (as pictured below).

The top of England

What is funny/unfunny about getting to the top was the fact that there was so much cloud we couldn’t see any of the spectacular views that this vantage point had to offer. Bummer. Achieved nonetheless.

I would do it again in the blink of an eye. The whole area is amazing and so beautiful. Next time we will aim for a clear day.

Here are the rest of the photos in Gallery form. Oh how I treat you so.

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