My name is Scott Hargroves. I create things out of pixels, mainly for the web, but sometimes just for kicks. Like when I built a Multitouch table in my spare time. I do other stuff too, like making short films, taking photos and sometimes sending the odd tweet.

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Gone traveling, Back shortly.

21 Nov


So as you know Heather and I are going away next week on a journey that will take us around the whole world. We are taking notes, photos and sharing experiences on a new part of Fourleaves that I have created especially. It is minimal and clean. I hope you like it.

Gone Traveling, Back Shortly.

Konnichiwa Tokyo

15 Nov


We finally got around to looking for a place to stay in Tokyo. We decided that as it is our last two days of adventure we would go all out and stay somewhere nice. Mainly because 1. How often do you find yourself in Japan and 2. We will probably be 50 before an opportunity like this comes along again.

The hotel is The Prince Park Tower Hotel and although has the appearance of a 70’s high rise is actually a well respected and much loved hotel. At the end of the day though we will be in Tokyo and be far too busy eating fantastic food and enjoying terrible Karaoke to sleep.

Vinn Diesel just chillin’ at Morrisons.

01 Oct

Vinn D

I feel pretty privileged to have been in the presence of Vinn D and his big Alloy Wheels in Morrison’s car park today. Yo Vinn why are you in the disabled space?

Hello Christmas, meet uncontrollable excitement

24 Sep

Excited much.

So me and Heather finally found a place to stay (see above) in New York this Christmas on our way through to New Zealand. We had been hunting through Expedia and other online resources that serve up over priced hotels in the Big Apple but were disappointed with what you could get for our budget (which is small).

We started to think slightly alternatively when I discovered AirBnB and realised we could stay in an apartment that people are looking to rent out while they are away. Thankfully we found one after weeks of hunting that ticketed all the boxes (note the iMac on the desk) and are well and truly giddy for the trip now.

Next job is Tokyo accommodation hunting.

Are there any excuses to go to Berlin at the minute

22 Sep

German Skillz

I have just been looking through some of the Photos I took in Berlin and remembered how awesome that place is. Someone quickly get me an excuse to go back.

PS. The original post ‘Berliner‘ from our trip last year. How time flies.

Only just recovered from this years Glastonbury.

21 Sep


I can hardly believe that is that time of the year again when Glastonbury demands us to lay down the deposit for next years event. The slightly more annoying fact about it is that the full things needs to be paid off in February right when me and Heather get back from New Zealand. Gutted.

*Photo by Brad Innes

Grass can’t burn

19 Sep

Old Flamer

Tonight Brad hosted another classic garden party with foods a plenty. However this time with it being nearly October and getting chilly we decided that we needed a fire to keep us from getting cold.

Okay so, looks like I need to buck up my ideas.

16 Sep

It really has been nearly a whole month since I last got around to posting anything here. Its not because I am lazy or for lack of trying, I have actually wanted too for a long time but it just hasn’t been possible. Heres why…

Just after my last update about what I was up too I had to turn around a rapid Slice and Code job which took me all night. It was fairly challenging as it involved a fair amount of strategically placed images and a great deal of Photoshop work. However it was really rewarding and what the first project I had worked on with a new client. The downside is however I can’t show (or tell) anyone what the site is or that I worked on it. Mainly because the work was passed on to me as a matter of turn around time and the people this was actually for are not to know that someone else worked on it. Not ideal, but I can say that it was for a band who have a few very well selling albums but you probably will have never heard of them.

Next up at the end of August me and the rest of my family were treated to a visit from my Mum who I haven’t seen in roughly three years. It was amazing to see her and I hope she had a nice time hanging out with me and Heather when she stayed over. We did a few awesome things, like visit a deserted medieval village, eat fine cuisine in Pickering, eat not so fine cakes in Howden, got caught in insane rain storms and drove with the top down. All of which was great and Heather and I can’t wait to visit my parents in December.

Then I some how managed to loose 5 karma for reasons I don’t remember but this lead too another quick turn around job under the same circumstances as the last. The general outline is, work on an awesome project that you would normally be proud of but can’t ever show anyone what it actually is. All I can say is that it isn’t porn. Honest. Srsly.

That leads me to now. Working may A-Hole off on Critit, my day job and on finishing up the new fourleaves. To sum up the last month here is a massive steaming pile of images.

New projects and old

18 Aug

Lights and Magic

Currently working on a new project, details of which I can’t really expose until I have finished, but it really does feel good to be working on a creative project with an interesting client. What I can say is that I am working on some video/web content on this project so it is a win all round.

In other news I am working on the finishing touches to Critits design. The pages I am working on now are the Job listings and event promotion pages. More info on both of these to follow.

Thats it for now. Over and out.


13 Aug

So the new fresh faced overhaul is nearly completed. I still have to implement a few of the other features I haven’t got around too yet but should be done over the next couple of days.

First things that are missing is the search function. Then you will notice that there is no comments or even a way to view a specific post, this is all coming soon.


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