My name is Scott Hargroves. I create things out of pixels, mainly for the web, but sometimes just for kicks. Like when I built a Multitouch table in my spare time. I do other stuff too, like making short films, taking photos and sometimes sending the odd tweet.

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Only just recovered from this years Glastonbury.

21 Sep


I can hardly believe that is that time of the year again when Glastonbury demands us to lay down the deposit for next years event. The slightly more annoying fact about it is that the full things needs to be paid off in February right when me and Heather get back from New Zealand. Gutted.

*Photo by Brad Innes

The Lucky Rainbow Club Thrash at Trash

12 Oct

The Lucky Rainbow Club

So last night I ended up in Leeds watching Jack ‘the love muscle’ Chapman and his guitar shredding co-worker Martin McGurty tear down Trash.

Admittedly I know Jack well and have praised The Lucky Rainbow Club before on here, but I truly think that they need to be heard by everyone that appreciates something original and exciting. Up until last night I had only heard them on record and only being there forth live outing as a duo you could have been excused in thinking that they might not be that tight as of yet. You would be wrong though. They sound bigger and better than their amazing recordings have been able to do justice thus far.

The Lucky Rainbow Club have a small loyal fan base that can’t do anything but loose themselves in the hardcore, hypnotic and euphoric electronic beats that pound through the room filling everyone with the ability to cut shapes like its 1993.

They are currently working on recording another couple of tracks and playing shows around the north of England. If you see there name remember I told you to not think twice. You need to feel what they are offering. Honest larr.


23 Jun

For all the people who truely appreciate all kinds of music and appreciate the hard work and extreme skill that goes into a masterfully mixed bunch of song this is for you.

I just want to give people the chance to listen to some of the greatest mixes I have ever heard, so this will act as a list of my top listens for everyone.

Here goes:

As Heard on Radio Soulwax Vol.2

Made by the masters of mix Too Many DJs and one of the first truly genius mixes I heard. A great place to start as this is rammed full of crowd pleasers. There are plenty more of these kicking around. I recommend looking for them as they a truly awesome.

Osymyso – Intro Inspection

This is one is pure genius and takes mixes on from a new angle. Using only the intros to some of the best know pop songs of recent years.

Girl Talk – Feed the animals

Only really discovered these the other day when I read about how they realised this album in the same way as Radiohead did with In Rainbows. This mix is stunning. Mainly hip hop mixed with all sorts of familiar stuff but still incredible.

FABRICLIVE26: The Herbaliser

Although I linked to one in particular any Fabriclive will do… These are some general all round awesome collections of music. The mixing skills are not always that brilliant but the collection of music is.

This is it for now… They should have you listening for a long while yet. If you have any that I should know of then let me know.


I wished you were there…

31 May

My second YouTube dumping recently. Im allowed though because of how amazing this experience was for me.

We all managed to plow through the 30cm of thick sticky mud in the Jazz World Field to make it over to see them. The rain had stopped in a almost ‘on purpose’ kind of way. We found an excellent position in front on the sound tower. Right in the middle of the stage. Then this happened. For me the reason why Glastonbury is so amazing. My defining moment from last year.


19 May

Im not really one to go posting YouTube videos (mainly because I don’t spend a great deal of time on there) but this one is worth sharing.

I love Tom Waits music and urge ya’ll to check him out, if you haven’t already. Enjoy.

The vale of Avalon

06 Apr

So today we all managed to grab our years Glastonbury tickets. Although it was really hard to get them due to the amount of traffic when they first went on sale they are still for sale and haven’t sold out as quickly. This can only be a good thing.

See you in a field in June.


25 Mar

I think this is worth a shout out. As Jakob quite rightly put it, its really hard to find new music in this day and age.

I like the idea, I think its great. Would love to have some kind of way of adding people whos music you like to a list (tumblr style) so I can see when they are adding new stuff etc.

Have a look.


The Lucky Rainbow Club

16 Mar


Just to give you a small background story, about 4 years ago one of my friends was gaining large momentum in a band he was in called Away From Home. At the time I offered to help out with setting up a forum for all his fans to gather and chat about… well anything.

This lasted for about a year, until everyone who was in the band moved on to Uni and Work. The band called it a day. The forums closed and that was that.

Well the other day I was speaking to my friend (Jack Chapman) and he informed me that he had started another project called The Lucky Rainbow Club. I had a listen to this latest venture and half expected to hear the familiar sounds of the Away From Home days, but no. I was shocked with what I heard. It was something very original that had a raw power, deep beats and a ripping guitar solo. What more could you want? Well they deliver on a lyrical front too with some great harmonies from Jack (who’s voice has improved mega much in the last few years) and Martin. This is really worth a listen people.

So without further a do. I present their first recording via the power of Myspace.

The Lucky Rainbow Club

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