My name is Scott Hargroves. I create things out of pixels, mainly for the web, but sometimes just for kicks. Like when I built a Multitouch table in my spare time. I do other stuff too, like making short films, taking photos and sometimes sending the odd tweet.

Pigeon Holes

Hang time

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Kiel Bathrooms LTD

08 Apr

A site designed for Kiel Bathrooms. Primarily used as an information site about all the services they offer and how. Also used as a gateway to there online shop.

The new site launcheth!

07 Apr

So after a few weeks of tinkering and then a few weeks of being too busy to tinker, I have finally managed to semi-launch (a new term for launching when there are still things to be done) my new blog. Yay for me.

The main difference now it that I can post some of my work as well and it not get too lost in my generally rather random blog posts.

Feedback will be good, but be warned if you tell me the do something I don’t know how to I will be pestering you for help.

But anyway. Enjoy.

The vale of Avalon

06 Apr

So today we all managed to grab our years Glastonbury tickets. Although it was really hard to get them due to the amount of traffic when they first went on sale they are still for sale and haven’t sold out as quickly. This can only be a good thing.

See you in a field in June.

Reminiscee city

04 Apr

This is a little package of memories. Some are funny (to me) some are nice (to me) and some are the best (to me).

This is a selfish post. Im sorry.

Consumerism on the internet

03 Apr

This is a big pile of Suck

I have to read all these by sunday so I can finish my essay. Life has really dropped me in it this time.

We fell off the bike to glastonbury

03 Apr

So as the days draw nearer to the yearly heart palpitations that G-Day brings (to those unaware what this mean, search google for what is happening on sunday. I don’t want to say because it may lower my own chances of success) the question is raised. Where the hell is the organisation! We have been doing this long enough to know that only the best military style operation will suffice. But still no word.

This maybe because of winner boy Brad swanning off to Asia at the wrong time of year but this shouldn’t be an excuse. Being one of the lucky few who have had the pleasure to be successful in the past I now will take a handle on you lost sheeps and state my position.

Basically it looks like Heather is sure that this year isn’t the year for her, so that leaves me. I have however been asked to get Brads ticket and maybe Hannah’s but she is unsure and is likely to not be going thus far. The only other doubt in my mind is that I am 99% sure that we are moving this summer and this may make it difficult so I need to finalise what my plan is.

So please let me know via this here post, I will be there no matter what I decide. I would never let down the core 4. I need quick responses so please don’t fanny around when it comes to replying.

Gizmo is pretty much a real human

03 Apr

A real human

He walks on his back legs. Is moody in the morning. Likes chocolate and long walks on the beach.

Fat Smarties

31 Mar


I think that smarties are getting fatter. This a really good thing to be honest because as a general rule chocolaty treats get smaller as the years go on.

Beverley Westwood

31 Mar

Went to Beverley Westwood the other day and took some photos. Its was a really nice sunny day and I enjoyed myself. A little muddy from the previous days rain but still and enjoyable experience.

I am going to be uploading the images from yesterday to my flickr over the next few days, when I actually have time.

UPDATE: Finally uploaded them all. Go now

Duncan Laing Showreel

27 Mar

Duncan Laing Showreel

This is for Duncan Laing who is an up and coming script writer and director. This sites main aim is to promote his work and house his showreel

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