My name is Scott Hargroves. I create things out of pixels, mainly for the web, but sometimes just for kicks. Like when I built a Multitouch table in my spare time. I do other stuff too, like making short films, taking photos and sometimes sending the odd tweet.

Pigeon Holes

Hang time

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He was a surfer boy

17 Mar


Its images like this that make you realise how bad the weather really is in this country. My little bro boogie boarding.

The Lucky Rainbow Club

16 Mar


Just to give you a small background story, about 4 years ago one of my friends was gaining large momentum in a band he was in called Away From Home. At the time I offered to help out with setting up a forum for all his fans to gather and chat about… well anything.

This lasted for about a year, until everyone who was in the band moved on to Uni and Work. The band called it a day. The forums closed and that was that.

Well the other day I was speaking to my friend (Jack Chapman) and he informed me that he had started another project called The Lucky Rainbow Club. I had a listen to this latest venture and half expected to hear the familiar sounds of the Away From Home days, but no. I was shocked with what I heard. It was something very original that had a raw power, deep beats and a ripping guitar solo. What more could you want? Well they deliver on a lyrical front too with some great harmonies from Jack (who’s voice has improved mega much in the last few years) and Martin. This is really worth a listen people.

So without further a do. I present their first recording via the power of Myspace.

The Lucky Rainbow Club

Streamlining my life

16 Mar

So today I decided to finally clean my large array of bookmarks that I had semi-assorted. They had become a little out of hand. I now have folders within folders pertaining to different areas of the main category. I think this will make things that little bit easier.


And secondly I finally dove into the Really Simple (see what I am about to do) world of subscribing to RSS feeds. I have started with just a handful of blogs that I have been following a great deal lately.


I like the idea of the latest posts coming into my inbox however I am more than a little bit apprehensive about not visiting a site directly as I find that part of the experience.

So lets see how this turns out for me. Do any of you (if there are any of you) streamline your lives in such a way? Or do you have any other tips for an easy online life?

Tim Burton is not my Dad

09 Mar

Baby Burton

My sister showed this to me today. It made me laugh. I think I was pretty “out there” for a baby

Interesting Shadows

09 Mar


Took this a while ago while eating lunch in McCoys. I found the shadows really fascinating. Made me think of space and satellites for some reason.

This is what happens when they get me to babysit.

08 Mar

This is what happens when they get me to babysit. from Scott Hargroves on Vimeo.

Eat Fresh

08 Mar


My niece used to be 23 stone until she went on the subway diet. True Story!

Advert Experiment

06 Mar

You may have noticed the advert at the bottom of my newest posts. Im basically just playing with a little plugin that allows you to control where you insert certain adverts. Just want to see how it performs, then I will turn them off.

Epileptic Disco

06 Mar

Sometimes he over analyses the music and gets a bit carried away

Andre the giant has a posse!

02 Mar


Thought I would post this in response to this post by web designer and super hero crime fighter Renato Guerreiro.

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