My name is Scott Hargroves. I create things out of pixels, mainly for the web, but sometimes just for kicks. Like when I built a Multitouch table in my spare time. I do other stuff too, like making short films, taking photos and sometimes sending the odd tweet.

Pigeon Holes

Hang time

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Birthdays, Buried Buckets, Sleeping by the Fire & Hobbits’s

15 Apr

Haven’t unloaded my recent shenanigans recently so thought I better before it goes to an unwieldily array of coloured pixels.

These lot a from a whole array of things that I have been doing recently in my spare time. Most recently of which was a journey to London for Heathers christmas/birthday present. Was only short but very rewarding.

Goodbye Gizmo

12 Apr


Awesomest Hamster Ever. We were friends.

Easley does it

05 Apr

How Stean Icicles

Yesterday was not an average day. Gorge walking the How Stean gorge during the day, not too far from where I gained a large scar on my head (Pateley Bridge) but still in the middle of nowhere. Went up with Ben and Phil after there last minute wakeup call and a rush drive to Ulleskelf to catch a lift with Ben (always a adventure being driven by him). We took a group of Ben’s relatives and friends down who had never done it before. I soon started to feel old though as the freezing water soaked through the broken wet suit I ended up with. Im looking forward to Arthritis that old age and a decade of jumping of waterfalls is sure to bring. For anyway who has never done anything like this I highly recommend trying it.

Mr. Beasley

Then in the evening I rushed back to Hull and tasted some audible delights from The 39 Steps and the beat monsters Mr. Beasley at Lamp, who are a local to the Hull area so they seemed to be having a good time with some old friends in the crowd. Incidentally the beatmaker, who I will call Easley (to make things simple) looked just like some kid who used to go to my school. Fitzy. This is not a good look for anyone really. But do search them up and give them a listen as they have some very nice music.

When the night was over I found my car sitting there being all like “so… what I got a flat, what you gonna do about it” which was annoying. Mainly because no one really wants to change a tire at 1.30am. Lucky thing Brad was on hand to use those muscles he pumped up the other week on a free day at the gym and took my tire off with me. kind of sucked the night and day up a bit, but now I have slept on it I can forgive this hiccup for it to make way for what was a pretty hardcore day.

UPDATE: Around the world route now in HD

18 Mar

This is an update to the last post. Instead of the image I badly made there is now a sexy video to illustrate the route, watch here, or watch in glorious HD on Vimeo

Flying around the whole wide world

15 Mar

The widest of them all

I can barely wait the 8 months 13 days for this monster trip. For those who are out of the loop and don’t know anything about this I will give you a little run down.

Basically me and Heather are taking a mammoth trip to see my parents in New Zealand. We figured that if you are going to go all that way we may as well make the trip slightly more adventurous and add in a few extra stops and fly around the whole earth while in the process. The itinerary looks like this so far.

  • Manchester to London
  • London to New York
  • New York to Los Angeles
  • Los Angeles to Fiji
  • Fiji to Auckland
  • Auckland to Tokyo
  • Tokyo to London
  • London to Manchester

We haven’t booked it just yet as I am waiting for some people to get back to me on prices but once the magic number comes rolling in this thing will be done and dusted.

More updates on this thing soon as I can’t stop thinking about it.

Just something I whipped up.

27 Feb

Why Study Economics

Made this mock up the last couple of nights for an economics site. Felt good to be back in the interface chair…

We hand built Pancakes

24 Feb

Went to see Brad tonight and we decided to create some real pancakes.

The cleaner at work knew it was my birthday.

20 Feb

Do I "really" exsist?

It all happened so fast…

09 Feb

Since Christmas all this happened. I can’t even believe the speed in which time is expiring. Posted so I don’t forget this stuff really happened.

This bucket pretty much stopped water from landing on me

31 Jan

Bucket O Water

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