My name is Scott Hargroves. I create things out of pixels, mainly for the web, but sometimes just for kicks. Like when I built a Multitouch table in my spare time. I do other stuff too, like making short films, taking photos and sometimes sending the odd tweet.

Pigeon Holes

Hang time

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31 Jan


If you ever get the chance to send something super fragile I urge you to try this.


25 Jan

Can we work this out?

So I just finished up putting Windows onto my Mac using Parallels. I have to say, for what I need this for I am highly impressed so far. Especially the Coherence mode that allows me to run Windows apps seamlessly on OSX.

If you are like me and always bummed out when you have just made that sexy ass site in Safari/Firefox and IE exploder breaks it, then this is for you. Test as you go on all browsers.

Listen to music. Not read it.

23 Jan

Listen to Music. Not read it!

I am currently writing what I hope to be the last piece of acedemic theory I ever have to partake in. Other than my life story (work in progress), this will be the most I have ever written.

Virtual Air Hockey

20 Jan

Been thinking of some games the recreate for the Amoeba Project. The most logical one so far is Air Hockey. I think if i can get it to run fast enough on the table it will be a great game. I will work on some prototypes shortly when I get the Online side of the project sorted.

Only the strong will survive

20 Jan

So back at Uni and into my final semester. I don’t really know if I believe that this is actually going to happen or not, but the end doesn’t seem only a matter of months away.

This week I started work on an integral part of my final project, which is the way I will harvest information for my interactive table to work well. It is basically a simple site that will allow my fellow students to enter there details, which in turn will be displayed on the the Amoeba Project. Its not far off being done, just need to sort out the backend and add the ability to edit up there own details.

I went for the design and colours that I am using on all the documentation I am making on this project. Have a sneak peak below.

Amoeba Project Site

Fudge Cafe Restaurant

15 Dec


Site designed by myself for a local restaurant. The site uses the colours that are present in the decor of Fudge.

Visit Fudge Cafe Restaurant


08 Dec

All this stuff happened recently. Some in Manchester, some in Hull, Some in London and some in York.

Needa Amoeba

05 Nov

I have less than 1 year to make this work. Wish me luck.

Stuff like this happens everywhere.

24 Oct

Just throwing these out there. Recent and not so recent. Images set free from the confines of solid state memory.

The Lucky Rainbow Club Thrash at Trash

12 Oct

The Lucky Rainbow Club

So last night I ended up in Leeds watching Jack ‘the love muscle’ Chapman and his guitar shredding co-worker Martin McGurty tear down Trash.

Admittedly I know Jack well and have praised The Lucky Rainbow Club before on here, but I truly think that they need to be heard by everyone that appreciates something original and exciting. Up until last night I had only heard them on record and only being there forth live outing as a duo you could have been excused in thinking that they might not be that tight as of yet. You would be wrong though. They sound bigger and better than their amazing recordings have been able to do justice thus far.

The Lucky Rainbow Club have a small loyal fan base that can’t do anything but loose themselves in the hardcore, hypnotic and euphoric electronic beats that pound through the room filling everyone with the ability to cut shapes like its 1993.

They are currently working on recording another couple of tracks and playing shows around the north of England. If you see there name remember I told you to not think twice. You need to feel what they are offering. Honest larr.

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