My name is Scott Hargroves. I create things out of pixels, mainly for the web, but sometimes just for kicks. Like when I built a Multitouch table in my spare time. I do other stuff too, like making short films, taking photos and sometimes sending the odd tweet.

Pigeon Holes

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To Heather…

11 Oct

Working with ReacTivision is a whole load of fun.

01 Oct

As mentioned yesterday I start my Final Project for Uni and managed to get the Fiducial Markers to be seen and recognised by the camera. Just thought I would log my progress with this on here as a point of reference and to be able to see the progress points.

So as of yesterday I have managed to give certain Fiducials different settings and when they are detected it shows these on the screen. Still a little bit sketchy on the API for this and it shows as progress is basic and pretty slow.

I really want to be able to incorporate so multitouchy goodness to this but can’t until I make the physical table where the camera lies underneath.

For those that don’t know, ReacTivision is an open source framework that can detect a predetermined set of markers. These are called Fiducials and whats used by ReacTivision to track movement on a camera. This data can then be passed into Flash and worked on from there.


30 Sep

I started on the long road of my final project yesterday evening. I was excited to get my teeth into it and after a short while tinkering I have managed to get the Fiducials to be recognised by Flash.

Im now looking forward to making a real world interactive table that people will just be amazed by.

Return of the Ren-o

25 Sep

As summer has passed by again its that time of the year when the Ren-O-Vista Souvenir club comes into full force.

Today Ren gave me a much anticipated Portuguese Souvenir. He surprised me with a Chinese Take Away Menu that has its menu in Chinese and Portuguese. Totally original and unexpected. Number two in the Club record books. Awesome.

Sorry for the lack of posts but I have been fairly busy and uninspired for a while and this is the only thing worthy of writing about. Other than maybe my run in with the law the other night.

Bright eyes, empty boxes & tree lined streets.

30 Aug

Some images from recent times. Our new house is finally get back to normal, 95% of all boxes are now unpacked.

iPhone Compliant

24 Aug

Any iPhone/iPod Touch users can now view my site in an easy to read, fast to load iPhone version. Go and look on your said device. Anyone else can ignore this.

The best type of road

21 Aug

If I had to choose. This would be the road I had to drive down.

Ikea date night

15 Aug


The last couple Thursdays have been spent at Ikea. I feel a traditional date night coming on.

Venture Out

13 Aug

I made this little action package montage back in my college days. Filmed in 3 countries (England, Scotland & Wales) over two weeks.

This is what my weekends used to be spent doing. Working 12 hour days flying off rock formations into white water. Having been out of the scene for a while I think I have lost some of the fearlessness I used to have while doing this.

Sorry about the poor quality of the video but my college wouldn’t lend me the decent equipment to do this project (too much risk apparently).

Bed sheets and Safety pins

11 Aug

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