My name is Scott Hargroves. I create things out of pixels, mainly for the web, but sometimes just for kicks. Like when I built a Multitouch table in my spare time. I do other stuff too, like making short films, taking photos and sometimes sending the odd tweet.

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23 Jun

For all the people who truely appreciate all kinds of music and appreciate the hard work and extreme skill that goes into a masterfully mixed bunch of song this is for you.

I just want to give people the chance to listen to some of the greatest mixes I have ever heard, so this will act as a list of my top listens for everyone.

Here goes:

As Heard on Radio Soulwax Vol.2

Made by the masters of mix Too Many DJs and one of the first truly genius mixes I heard. A great place to start as this is rammed full of crowd pleasers. There are plenty more of these kicking around. I recommend looking for them as they a truly awesome.

Osymyso – Intro Inspection

This is one is pure genius and takes mixes on from a new angle. Using only the intros to some of the best know pop songs of recent years.

Girl Talk – Feed the animals

Only really discovered these the other day when I read about how they realised this album in the same way as Radiohead did with In Rainbows. This mix is stunning. Mainly hip hop mixed with all sorts of familiar stuff but still incredible.

FABRICLIVE26: The Herbaliser

Although I linked to one in particular any Fabriclive will do… These are some general all round awesome collections of music. The mixing skills are not always that brilliant but the collection of music is.

This is it for now… They should have you listening for a long while yet. If you have any that I should know of then let me know.


A mexican tale

18 Jun

So tonight after work me and Heather went to get some food and bedding for Gizmo. After this we decided to grab some tea from somewhere. We eat out on a regular basis and have our preferences, but we like to try out new places. Tonight we decided to visit this new place called Mex in the city centre. We like mexican food, its always tasty and nice for a bit of a change. When we got to Mex we were seated and ordered some drinks. The drinks came fine but then they forgot about us and didn’t bother to come back and see if we wanted any food. 30 minutes later the annoyance sets in and we decided just leave. I said we shouldn’t pay for the drinks (which we hardly touched) but Heather being the sensible one insisted. We left unhappy and disgruntled.

Insert going home due the massive argument which ensued after the Mex paying incident

After solving the argument we decided to go to this amazing place called Hitchcocks. Let me give you a little background to this place so you can understand how it all ties in nicely. Basically you have to book before you go and the first people to book that night get to choose what the menu is. It can be any style of cuisine. Any at all. So I ring up at 7.30 and book a table for that night, only to find that tonight’s food is MEXICAN. Wow. It was meant to be. Anyway its all you can eat and you have three courses of pure vegetarian goodness. Its a great place to eat, all homemade food and full of tasty flavours. Recommended for anyone, meat eaters and the lot.

So people in the area, give them a call and get yo’ asses down to feed your face on real food (minus the meat).

The End.

Calling all iPhoners and iPod Touchers

12 Jun

If your sad enough to warrant saving this ‘ere site onto your Springboard (name for the desktop area on your iPhone/iTouch) then you now get some sexy Fourleaves icon. Pictures to follow.

The Ren-o Vista Souvenir Club

10 Jun


Tonight I started a club. I have never been in a club or anything like that before so I am fairly new to the whole club/member thing. Basically my club which has two members (including me) is a club which provides souvenirs for the other club members. They come from all over the world. They have to be one of the following or all. Small, Amazing, Contextual (to the place they are from), Funny, Cool, Free or really cheap. Following these simple guides and you have a free membership to the Ren-o Vista Souvenir Club.

The reasons for starting this amazing club come from the fact that I love things from other cultures and countries and love to get given them. I found out that Ren also has the strange fetish and we decided to go from there. Luckily for the two founding members, Me and Ren, both of our background revolve around traveling and other cultures and countries.

The first item received was a traditional hand painted Portuguese Cockerel that Ren kindly gave me as he has lived there for most of his adult life. The next trip I take which will be Glastonbury Festival and then Berlin to see Radiohead will be full of like gifts for the club.

We are starting a revolution. In kindness.

Today was hot. A picnic ensued.

08 Jun

Today was super nice so we went to the park to eat vegetarian sushi and stuff. We looked at the animals too. I want a garden so I can have my own herds and stuff.

I wished you were there…

31 May

My second YouTube dumping recently. Im allowed though because of how amazing this experience was for me.

We all managed to plow through the 30cm of thick sticky mud in the Jazz World Field to make it over to see them. The rain had stopped in a almost ‘on purpose’ kind of way. We found an excellent position in front on the sound tower. Right in the middle of the stage. Then this happened. For me the reason why Glastonbury is so amazing. My defining moment from last year.

I Am Heather Dot Com

30 May

A personal blog designed to hold the insights, musing and poems of Heather (ACN).

Recent Photographical Memoirs

28 May


19 May

Im not really one to go posting YouTube videos (mainly because I don’t spend a great deal of time on there) but this one is worth sharing.

I love Tom Waits music and urge ya’ll to check him out, if you haven’t already. Enjoy.

Its morphin’ time!

14 May

So I just got back watching Iron Man after being told its rather entertaining by more than a couple of people, and OH MY GOODNESS ME. Jeff Bridges is totally in it. Now call me naive but I seriously didn’t know before hand that he was and it really made the film for me. I guessed he was a badass from the get go with that big “Im gonna kill you” beard but I still thought that it was awesome that he was in it.

I didn’t realise the extent of my Jeff Bridges love until tonight by the way. But I do, for all the reasons below.

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